Using Social Media

Twitter is a great way to not only follow what party leaders and MPPs are saying, but gives you the opportunity to get your message across and raise awareness on your issue.

Who to follow

Tweeting Tips

  • Take the opportunity to tweet your key messages and asks
  • You can also tweet facts, statistics, or personal stories
  • You can also include a direct hyperlink to any relevant news articles, press releases, fact sheets as well as the ACTION Ontario website.
  • To ensure your tweet is heard, you can directly tweet @ a party leader or local candidate
  • You can also make use of hashtags. Hashtags are used to mark keywords or topics in a tweet. It is a way of categorizing tweets or more easily allowing people to search your tweets. Tweets with hashtags show more easily in twitter searches and, by clicking on a hashtag, you can see all other tweets in that category.
    • Create a hashtag ex. #ACTIONont or #chronicpain or #PNP
    • Or use the following pre-existing hashtags
      • #chronicpain
      • #pain
    • Include hastags or #onpoli to show that your tweet relates to Ontario politics

Sample Tweets:

  • Chronic pain affects 1 in 5 Ontarians - time for comprehensive pain strategy in Ontario #ontpoli or #onpoli #ChronicPain