Pain is the one commonality we all share as living breathing creatures on this earth. It is universal; it does not discriminate on the basis of social status or background, race, religion or age.

ACTION PNP, People with Neuropathic Pain, strives to reach and include all members of our pain community. It is important to share not only our experiences and expressions of pain but also our successes in dealing with and overcoming our pain. This is how we give pain a human face.

There is nothing worse than waking up every morning in chronic unrelenting pain and being told “you don’t look sick” or “it’s all in your head.” The truth is all chronic pain patients tend to be lumped together because pain is considered subjective and not necessarily visible to the human eye. But if someone who has cancer was in pain, they would be treated accordingly. Think about it.

There is greater strength in numbers. Since its inception in 2007, ACTION PNP has grown exponentially. With this growth has come a greater voice for all people suffering with chronic pain in the Province of Ontario. The powers that be are starting to realize that we come from all walks of life and every spectrum of the social scale.

But there is still much more to do to make our voice even stronger. Join us and lend your voice to a team that understands and empathizes as we move forward in this important journey to make chronic pain a central focus of government and public policy and awareness. Education is key and how better to learn than from one another.