What if “I Can’t Afford My Prescription Medications?”

I’d hazard a guess that most of us with chronic pain have used or are using prescription pain medications. Without a health insurance plan, the costs can be huge, especially if our income drops! Even with a drug Insurance Plan, the costs can be a burden!

The Trillium Drug Program (TDP) is a provincial government program for residents of Ontario who spend a large part of their income on prescription medications. The TDP provides benefits for prescription medications when drug costs are higher than approximately 4% of the total household net income.

TDP is intended to offer prescription drug coverage for residents in Ontario who have high out of pocket prescription drug expenses in relation to their income. If you don’t have drug insurance coverage or when you exhaust your private plan (or have reached the annual dollar maximum for your drug plan,) Trillium can help by covering the drugs that you need.

Application forms for the Trillium Drug Program are available at pharmacies, clinics, and online. You can apply for Trillium at any time during the year and the application process can take anywhere from two to four weeks for your registration to be completed.

You will only have to apply to TDP once. Each program year, your enrolment in the TDP will be automatically renewed. If your file cannot be renewed for some reason, you will receive a pre-renewal notification letter requesting required documentation.

How do I know if Trillium will cover the medications I’m taking? The TDP covers over 3,800 prescription drug products and 450 Limited Use Drug products on the Provincial Drug Formulary. You can ask your pharmacist and/or your physician if the medications you are currently on are covered by TDP.

If you have any questions regarding your TDP application, you may contact TDP at: 416-642-3038 (calling in the Toronto area) or toll free at: 1-800-575-5386. Alternately, you can also contact TDP via e-mail at: trillium@ontariodrugbenefit.ca