The purpose of this Advocacy Toolkit is to provide chronic pain patients and their supporters with information to assist in advocacy efforts with government. Use these materials to engage and educate your local politicians on chronic pain and your own personal experiences.

Ontario recently elected a Liberal minority government with Premier Dalton McGuinty holding on to the Premiership. A minority government means that "big" or "risky" policy moves will likely be non-existent. In order to keep the confidence of the house, Premier McGuinty will need to work with opposition parties to find common areas of agreement.

With a minority government, all MPPs and legislative committees become important - now is the time to engage MPPs and the public in the issues that affect us every day. Raising awareness of chronic pain is the first step towards ACTION Ontario's goal of a comprehensive pain strategy for the province.

In this kit you will find background information, key messages, information on how to find your local MPP, suggested questions to ask, sample letters to send and social media tips.

We hope that you find this toolkit helpful. Knowing that many of you may not have had a chance to participate in an advocacy campaign before, we encourage you to contact us with questions you may have. We'd also be interested in knowing if you have previous experience with advocacy and/or media so we can coordinate our efforts for a successful campaign.

ACTION Ontario