"You mean this isn't going to go away?" Car accident set teacher-turned-author down painful path

Source: Canada.com

Cathryn Morgan wrote an award winning children's book and is a former teacher in Ottawa who lives with pain daily. Cat was injured in a car crash in 2004. She suffers from severe neck pain, muscle spasms, headaches and fatigue and sees seven specialists (including a neurologist, pain specialist, psychologist and physiotherapist) to help control her pain. She was photographed at her home in Ottawa Wednesday July 13, 2011.

After the accident, Cathryn (Cat) Morgan's neck felt as if it had been smashed down between her shoulders.

Even now, seven years later, it feels as if her neck is on an angle, as if she's always looking left - the way her head was turned at the moment of impact. Her left shoulder usually feels as if it's up around her ear, and she still has that "shoved down" feeling of her neck into her body - that "turtle in the shell" feeling.

Morgan was on her way to her brother's anniversary dinner when she was hit by another car in a parking lot thoroughfare. Her head went back hard against the headrest, then there was a jarring jolt when she hit the speed bump...

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