Perspectives on Pain Management and Oxycontin

The Globe and Mail's Andre Picard takes on the Oxycontin ban


This country's premiere health writer has taken on the issue of pain management, and how it is the real issue at the heart of the current debate around Oxycontin.

"We pay far too little attention to the effectiveness of medications used for legitimate purposes like pain control. At the same time, we fret incessantly about drug abuse while doing virtually nothing to prevent or treat addiction. Worse yet, we behave as if these challenges are somehow unrelated when, in fact, they are intricately linked. 

The OxyContin story is a prime example of this public-policy hash and underscores the crying need for a plan, a strategy. We need a War on Pain a lot more than we need a War on Drugs."

The full article can be found here.

ACTION Ontario is in full agreement with Mr. Picard.

The province of Ontario desperately needs a comprehensive pain strategy, and ACTION will continue to advocate on behalf of those most affected by chronic neuropathic pain.